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Quotes Dear Cheryl, I wanted to take the time to write to you and say a great BIG thank you for all that you do. Emmas career has really taken off this past year and often things come up very unexpectedly and no matter what the time of day you ALWAYS go out of your way to make your self accessible to Emma and I, from even simple things like answering questions or critiquing our outfits. I don't know what we would do if both you and Skype were not available to coach Emma whenever something pops up. And as both you and I know this can often take place on the way to the audition in the car. Other times it is just a huge relief to not have to jump in my car and fight traffic every time,and Emma is able to feel comfortable in her own surroundings to study with you. . I really think this makes a difference. So again Id like to just say a huge thank you for always being there and making yourself so available. We love and adore you..... Truly one of Cali's finest. Love, Cloe Engle Quotes
Emma Engles Mom

Quotes Miss Cheryl, As the recent tragedies of the world have made me very aware, I need to do all that I can to help my children find the joy within them while I can. Thank you so much for being a part of helping my daughter find that joy. Your coaching and referral to the wonderful Joy Theater have helped me see her find more of that special joy inside of her soul. I cannot thank you enough. Quotes
Lynda Vo- Mom of Ema Vo

Quotes "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."--Audrey Hepburn In only 2 short weeks, Cheryl has begun to beautifully shape Taylor into an actor who is passionate about her performances, has encouraged her to consistently challenge herself, and has proven that real, hard work does pay off! Cheryl has made herself available to Taylor in ways that one would think, too good to be true. Cheryl is a blessing to Taylor, to her bright career ahead, and to me. Thank you Cheryl Quotes
Mindy Arnette
mom of Taylor Arnette

Quotes I had the wonderful chance to work with Cheryl on my film, "Zombo". The project was not an easy task to cast because we needed to find actors who could sing and dance in less than a month. She was the perfect casting director for the project: not only did she bring her experience, talent and a great energy to the project but also the quality of actors we were seeing during auditions was outstanding. She was always listening to what we were looking for and also brought great ideas to the table that were beneficial to the project. One of the compliments I get about Zombo is how perfect cast is. Cheryl is the casting director who you can trust and want to have on your team! Quotes
Alberto Belli

Quotes When my kids decided they wanted to try acting and big auditions started coming, I knew I needed to do my research & find a top acting coach geared towards kids. I wanted to find someone who could bring out each of my kids individual personalities without being over coached. I read everything I could about her, and then I reached out. Those accolades are so well deserved. Cheryl is so amazing with my kids! I couldnt have found a better coach! She is thorough, yet quick. She gets my kids to where they need to be in such a loving and supportive way that only builds their self-confidence. What I love most, is that she skypes! We live in Northern California and there was no way I could drive to a coach every time one of my four kids needed coaching. Truthfully, I completely sold on this way of coaching and my kids love it!! I owe so much of our amazing success to Cheryl and her unbelievable talent!! We are so grateful she has been brought into our lives. Quotes
Jackie McGraw
Mom of Jack ....Maddy ....Aidan & Violet McGraw

Quotes It's rare to find a coach like Cheryl Faye, not only is she amazing at her job, but she really cares about your kids as well. She has worked with both of my daughters over the last 6 years. She is patient but firm, and always finds a way to bring out their best. She has been with us through many bookings, and I am sure will be there through many more. We have coached in person, on Skype, and via FaceTime. I prefer FaceTime (don't use Skype, reception is TERRIBLE, it constantly cuts out and disconnects, very frustrating). I feel like she gets the "on tape" perspective that way, and while presence in the room is important, more than half the time the person picking you for a callback, or approving you at the network will only see the tape. So I feel like the FaceTime perspective is priceless! You won't find a more dedicated, talented, and authentic coach than Cheryl! We just adore her! Definitely recommend!!! Quotes
Elysia Prewitt
Mom of Bobbie & Gracie Prewitt

Quotes We are extremely grateful to have Cheryl as my daughters Allegra and Valentina's coach! She has a unique gift of working with kids! She listens to them, takes the time to get to know them, and pushes them to do an outstanding job without making them feel uncomfortable or doubting themselves. It is a fact that every time they finish the Skype session, they have a sense of ownership and respect for what they do. Allegra and Valentina have booked drama and comedy projects with Cheryl's top notch technique. As parents we are profoundly grateful to have Cheryl in our lives and making such an impact in both of our daughters! This is priceless. Quotes
David & Yara Acosta
Parents of Allegra & Valentina Acosta

Quotes Ms. Cheryl I work with a lot of people in my career and you are on the top of my list for favorite people. And it's very selfish of me because I love you so much I don't even wanna share you with other great actors. You are my teacher and now my friend and since we don't have family here in California in a nice kinda way I think of you as my family and some day I'm gonna thank you when I win my Oscar and my manager Annett too. Your always a very nice person to me and you make cramming in a big audition fun. Thank you for Skyping with me when I have auditions even when you have to move other people around and we have to do it at 10:00 at night on my way home from being on set all day and we're both very tired. Basically I love you and thank you very much for being a part of TEAM EMMA Quotes

Quotes All of the extras showed up and they were all great. Thank you so much Cheryl. I've never had such a great extras casting person before!! Will def recommend you and hope to work with you again soon. You're the best :) Quotes
Jonako Donley
Producer/Writer "Spring of Sorrow"

Quotes I had the honor of meeting Cheryl while filming Auf und Davon. She is an amazing acting coach and knows the business so well that she will find the right spot for every actor. Her motivational skills are great and her personality is very inspiring. I am so happy being able to trust that Cheryl knows how to prepare me for any audition or job." Quotes
Fritzi Marth
Actress - Auf und Davon

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