Cheryl Faye 



Quotes I was introduced to Cheryl through a casting director and I am very grateful.Since the kids have worked with Cheryl the amount of compliments from casting directors and bookings have increased. Hannah had an audition where there was no back story and no dialogue prior to her "Crying". We later received an email from the casting director saying ,"We love Hannah!" Stone had only hours to prepare for the audition for the part of Young Flynn in Criminal Minds.. Not only did she prep him but he got the part! Unlike some acting coaches Cheryl does not over coach or over prep them. If they have the scenes mastered quickly then her job is done..... if they need longer she gives it to them . Each session with her is based on the child's needs not the clock or the money. She cares about the kids living their dreams. For all of the above I know my kids are in good hands. Quotes
Zadrina Eisemann Hannah & Stone's Mom
Award winning Producer AREA 9 Productions

Quotes Thank You for your time on my film. The casting was Dead On!!! The kids were great!! Can't wait to work with you again soon!! Quotes
Carl Flood
Director "Family Traditions"

Quotes Cheryl was a dream come true for our film. Since we were making a true-to-life character portrait of Iraq War veterans coming home, we needed a strong, talented cast with just the right look or else our film would sink. With Cheryl's expertise, we developed the casting calls and put them up online, and after only 24 hours, we had over 1,000 submissions and counting! Cheryl scoured through every submission, called in just the top ten percent, and smoothly handled the casting sessions with such grace that all the actors walked away speaking highly of her. Cheryl brought to my attention four of the finest actors I have ever had the privilege of working with - Tracy Coogan, Robert W. Evans, HK Sweeney, and Bobbie Prewitt - four actors who I plan to work with time and time again for the rest of my career. Cheryl is a professional of the highest order, a delight to work with, and a blessing to any director. Quotes
Nathan Ruegger
Director, "Another Life"

Quotes Cheryl Faye is a wonderful casting director. She has a passion and a background that helped us find the perfect cast! She brought us talent that we otherwise would not have found, and contributed her opinion coming from her vast experience and insight. I respect Cheryl wholeheartedly and thank her so much for finding our strong, talented, and dependable cast of "Another Life" Quotes
Liz Manashil
Producer- "Another Life"

Quotes Cheryl Faye has a real gift with child actors. She made coaching a fun and rewarding experience. She helped my little actress reach her full potential so she would shine in her audtions, and performances! Quotes
Elysia Prewitt
Bobbie's Marilyn Prewitt's mom

Quotes My name is Chad Knutsen, and I recently had the pleasure to work with Cheryl Faye on my thesis film. Cheryl worked very hard from day one to find me the best fit for the vision I had for my cast. I wrote out some character breakdowns for her and within days she was sending me headshots, reels, resumes etc. The dozens that she sent me were only the very best from the hundreds of submissions she was receiving. Cheryl is a vortex of kindness, talent, intuition, and personality. not only does she know talent when she sees it, but she attracts talented people somehow. .. She has remained involved in my project, even since it's been cast. She has helped me schedule, contact, and deal with my actors, and generally gone above and beyond. Cheryl has become a friend as much as a colleague, and I'm lucky and honored to have had the opportunity to work with her Quotes
Chad Knutsen
Director -"Lying Right There"

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